About My PP

We’ve all got that collection of keepsakes from our adventures. Maybe it’s the menu from where you ate ‘the best meal of my life’ and left feeling content – albeit with a tighter belt. It might be a pile of scribbles scrawled or pasted with the cards and names of cool boutiques where too much time (and money) was spent, hotels you’d stay at again and galleries you lost hours in.

By using the soon to launch ‘My PP’ section, you can collect these items, and save them in the digital realm. Create and save lists of what you found, and when others ask you for your ‘must dos’ for a certain locale, sharing them and passing on ‘the good’ becomes that much easier.

On the food front, we’ve got your covered too. Save recipes featured on pepper passport. that you want to make later. Maybe it’s one posted by us, or perhaps a fellow user. It’s also the place to upload your trusted recipes and share them with friends.

We’re big believers in sharing ‘the good’ and aim to facilitate this for you.