About Pepper Passport


We’re globally focused. We dream about where we’ll eat and what we’ll consume, long before that mealtime arrives. We plan for the next trip while returning from the current one. We love to know more and share “the good” when it comes to food and travel.

We aim to be a source of information and inspiration for those who share an interest in exploring, eating and other associated delights – just like you do. We are the hybrid of magazines and newspapers, but our stories are posted online from Monday to Friday – they’re those days of the week when we all need a little extra of ‘the good’ readily available.

We’re not dietary extremists and agree everything can be savoured in moderation. We’re a little bit ‘green’ and agree our food system needs help, and while we try to source things locally, we don’t make it to the farmers market every weekend. For us it’s about being conscious of the sourcing process, and trying to make an aware contribution that counts. We bring together a talented bunch of contributors from all over, who share our fond feelings, attitudes and beliefs towards food and travel.


We love and appreciate a fine dining experience in a major metropolis, but understand it can be as deliciously memorable as eating with your hands at a street market. We believe that getting the inside word from locals and frequent visitors is ‘king’ and having it under your belt and at your fingertips, is one of the best ways to explore your destination. We delight in sharing finds and developments with keen explorers and culinary experimenters.

We see food and its preparation as uniting, and an opportunity in an increasingly time poor world to do something each day that’s nourishing on many levels, both for yourself and others. It doesn’t have to be complex; it just needs to be done and with a little thought and love. Cooking is a step towards health, sustainability and increasing social interaction. And, no matter the scale or time taken, we puff with pride over kitchen triumphs. There’s a lot to be said for tried and tested.

We’re also really into research, so rest assured anything you read on Pepper Passport has been well researched (if required) and when we look at the benefits of something, we can back it up academically. We’re those ‘nerds’ who like little facts and read possibly too much about random information, which oddly enough makes us hot property when picking Trivial Pursuit teams.


We’re a little different from other sites geared towards food and travel. More like a hotel lobby where you had a chance meeting with a fellow explorer, a complete stranger. Someone you quickly bonded with when you exchanged notes over what each discovered off the beaten track that day. Or perhaps we’re like the old lady at the morning market, who sold you the potatoes, and then told you how to roast them just right, to get a crispy skin… she then gave you a few sprigs of rosemary for seasoning and an apple for the road too.

We see ourselves as a community, and in the coming months, a unique avenue for you to connect via our soon to launch MY PASSPORT section. It’s a place where you can create your own profile, and then upload your food and travel orientated content. Maybe it’s a city guide, favourite wine bar in Rome, or stupidly simple yet satisfying recipe for roast chicken. You’ll be also able to follow others and see what clued-in travellers and cooks are up to to all over the globe. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t, but you are united by similar tastes and preferences. Be sure to save theirs (and our) content to your own passport, so the next time you’re away from home and trying to recall where to get a great panino in Florence, it’s just a click away. Or maybe you want to know how to line a cake tin, the fool proof way. At Pepper Passport, we want to provide you with that, and circulate know how between others.


We’re big on sharing ‘the good’, especially when it comes to food and travel – be it an inherited family recipe cooked countless times at the behest of friends or a hit list of warming places to bunker down in during the harsh cold of a New York City winter. Good things and discoveries were made for sharing.

We believe the ‘tidbits’ from the weekend newspapers and the pages of dream destinations you rip out for ‘later’ from magazines should be readily available, published daily and safely stored online for later.

It might be – an interview with an influencer, or a recipe that highlights the beautiful simplicity of an ingredient when in season. Perhaps it’s a city guide from a traveler who’s there six times a year or maybe a kitchen trick from a highly regarded food identity. All have the ability to arm us with the know how to make our experiences great and elevate them.

Because life’s short – and food and travel are two of its greatest pleasures. We’re all too old (or young) for disappointment.