• Super easy and effective exercises you can sneak in while sitting in the office, on a plane, or even a conference call. Or possibly while under the control of a demonic boss.  

How to burn your booty without leaving your work desk

Because sometimes you can’t leave your desk and/or are chained to it by your demon boss.

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We are constantly reminded the importance to staying healthy is to be actively moving for at least 30 minutes a day. But let’s face it, hitting the gym is the last thing you want to be thinking about after a long day at work, and trying to do this all between home and work life can be tough.

Here are some guaranteed workouts that will sure get your butt, arms, and abs burning without the need to leave your seat. Welcome to deskercise.

Repeat each exercise 15-20 times for three sets.

Leg extensions

While holding in your core so that you’re sucking in your belly button to the spine, slowly raise both legs off the floor, making sure your legs are straight, and then slowly lower it back.  Inhale each time you raise your legs, and then exhale as you lower them down. To make it easier, sit on your hands for support. If you want to make it harder, feel free to add some ankle weights.

Heel raises

Sitting up straight with your chest proud, start with your feet flat on the ground, before pointing your toes into a tippy toe position. This will have your calves burning in no time.

Bum burn

It’s all about the booty these days. To get your bum looking Kim Kardashin-esque contract your buns, and hold for 30 seconds before releasing. Repeat, but hold for 10 seconds. Each round of alternation counts as one repetition.

Seated crunches

Next, it is time to move up the body, and get those solid abs working before summer comes around. Start by sitting up straight, pulling your belly button to the spine, and lifting your knees up to your chest, and try hold for 30 seconds before lowering your legs back down. It’s best to use your hands for support by holding each side of the chair, whether it’s your seat or armrest. To get the best workout, make sure when you’re lifting your knees you rely on your abdominal muscles, and not the support you’re getting from holding the seat.

Core contractions

Sit on your chair with you back straight and pull belly button to the spine, and hold for 30 seconds, release, and then repeat. Meanwhile, make sure you’re breathing too, and not just holding your breath.

Arm curls

This one is handy if you’re taking down notes with one hand and not doing anything with the other. Fill up that 2-litre bottle of water up you’re meant to be drinking, and use it as a dumbbell. Alternatively, grab yourself a 2-4 kg dumbbell. Hold the weight in one hand so that your palm is facing outwards away from your body. Curl the weight upwards contracting your biceps, making sure your upper arm doesn’t move, and the only part moving is your forearm. Lower the weight back to starting position, and then repeat, before switching arms. Feel free to increase the intensity by increasing the weight.

Triceps extensions

Grab your weight again, and sit in an upright position, making sure you contract your abs. Hold your weight in one hand behind your head so that your elbow is flexed at 90 degrees, making sure your facing straight ahead. Contract your triceps and push the dumbbell upwards until your arm is fully extended, before returning the weight back to start position. You can also increase the intensity of this exercise with a heavier weight.















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