Combat afternoon munchies and kick cravings to the kerb

It felt like lunch was ages ago, and now you have the sudden urge to reach for the nearest chocolate bar to get you through 3.30-itis. Here are easy tips to curb your afternoon cravings, and suggestions for healthier snack options.

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foods-to-Combat-afternoon-munchies-pepper-passport-1-There’s nothing more tempting than to look over to the office kitchen at 3p.m. and sitting there plugged in is the shiny, brightly lit thing in the corner offering you a variety of selections: Chips, chocolate bars, giant cookies, and sugared goodies. Yes, that’s right I’m referring to the vending machine.

But while you think that snack can help you through the afternoon slump, do you find that you’re often left feeling unsatisfied?

This a common fret that most people deal with when it comes to getting through 3.30-itis, a time when you feel like you’re ready to call it a day.

Here are three tips on how to help curb your afternoon cravings:


When you get a craving, especially for something sugary, it usually means your lunch didn’t have enough greens. The brain often doesn’t register that it’s ‘full’ if you’re just eating carbs or meats. So make sure you include some form of greens as part of your next lunch. Another trick is to introduce some naturally sweet vegetables to the meals such as beetroot or carrots because that way you tick off your need for something sweet, but you’re also getting your veggie intake too.

Go for a walk and get some fresh air, but don’t be tempted to pop into your local Maccas for a sneaky cheeseburger or McNuggets.

It might sound a bit captain obvious, but sit there and ask yourself, are you really hungry, or are you just bored? Sometimes its just your body yelling, ‘I’m thirsty!’. Make sure you’re drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Switch it up with some green tea, which is high in antioxidants, for the afternoon. There is a reason why afternoon tea exists, so don’t let that tea making opportunity go to waste.

But if you really are hungry, and need something to munch on, do it the right way.

The best afternoon snacks for beating cravings

Carrot and celery sticks with hommus

Homemade protein balls

Tub of Greek yoghurt with mixed berries

Trail mix you’ve made yourself – almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds and goji berries are excellent.

Plain popcorn

A green apple – a little sweet, not too sweet.

 Image credit: Terry Richardson for Vogue Brazil, Wholehearted Eats 


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