• A cupcake flavoured with the notes of a hot cross bun? Sign us up. We'd eat them all year round if we could too Twig Studios! (Image credit: Twig Studios).

Hot Cross Bun Easter inspirations from the web

From hot cross buns laced with chocolate, to ones that are more akin to a sticky cinnamon bun, these Hot Cross Bun inspirations will cause cravings this Easter. And most likely induce some cooking action over the long weekend.

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We’ve compiled this list of the best hot cross bun foodporn found on the internet for two reasons. One, for the sweet and doughy love of hot cross buns. And two, to give those baking hot cross buns this Easter some little inspiration. Bake up, and happy Easter… here’s to just one more.



Chocolate and choc-chip hot cross buns

What could be better than a spiced chocolate dough that’s laced with chocolate chips? A shout out to Souvlaki for the Soul for this one – and their delicious decision to make that doughy cross we all love chocolate too.



Hot cross bun pudding

The Pretty Blog, what a genius. This is the ultimate in bread and butter pudding. The raisins are in copious supply, the custard is creamy and it’s all taken to the next level via the orange and chocolate. Easter Sunday lunch dessert lives here.



Hot cross cinnamon sticky buns

Cinnamon buns are excellent. And so too are hot cross buns. Ergo, this recipe for hot cross cinnamon sticky buns is excellence squared. Drizzle and Dip we have no words – apart from thank you.



Sour Cherry Hot Cross Buns

Gourmet Traveller put this best, “Have a hot cross bun whenever the mood takes you, we say. And this version, jammed with fruit and spice and glossy with glaze, is the last word in the ultimate sticky bun.” Here’s to that hot cross bun wanting move. 



Hot cross bun cupcakes

A cupcake flavoured with the notes of a hot cross bun? Sign us up. We’d eat them all year round if we could too Twig Studios!

All image credits to mentioned and authored publications.  


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