• Nothing signals easy clean eating (or drinking), like a smoothie that's packed with super ingredients, and these five are excellent. (Image credit: unknown).

Five super smoothies to make this week

Change up your smoothie repertoire with our pick of five unique, easy and totally delicious smoothies. From cleansing red smoothies to ones featuring the digestive prowess of chai spices, you’re going to want to get blending.

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Nothing says Monday like a) mondayitis and/or b) the new found intention of trying to eat a little cleaner post the weekend’s indulgence. And nothing signals easy cleaner eating (or drinking), like a smoothie that’s packed with super ingredients.

These are five smoothies that we’re loving, and you will too. Bound to get you back on track and feeling a little more virtuous than you did on Sunday night.



This one from The Green Forks is the business. Featuring a whole host of good and green fruits and vegetables the antioxidants are sky high. We love the inclusion of spices, particularly the turmeric – ideal for cleansing out the blood.



An Edible Mosaic call it a milkshake, but it’s more akin to a smoothie. Regardless of what you call it, it’s darn delicious. It’s creamy and thick, and well, will ease your morning-itis. There’s a little apple cider vinegar in there too, perfect to get the system going post the weekend.


Raspberry ‘Cheesecake’ Smoothie

Cheesecake in a smoothie? Yes please. Everyday and few ingredients are used in this one from Julie’s Lifestyle, so you need not stock up on a number of obscure items at the green grocer.


Cleansing and energising red smoothie

We love Tales of a Kitchen, and we really love their recipe. “This smoothie is perfectly sweet; not too little, not too much. It has a beautiful zing from the lemon and mandarin and a slight delicate spiciness from the ginger.” We couldn’t agree more.


Energising ginger mango chai smoothie

Sure, you normally have chai tea of a morning, but how about getting a little of it into your smoothie? Sprouting from the Soul show it’s with good reason. The regular consumption of chai spices has been said to stimulate digestive and pancreatic enzymes to boost the metabolism. This is almost like an Indian style lassi and a fun way to change up what you’re blending. The mango and ginger scream summer.

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  • Bursting with banana, chia and other good things it's designed to help you get back on that health horse. (Image credit: Danielle Oron).

    The ‘back on track’ banana smoothie

    It’s going to set you, and your noble endeavours on the right track.

  • pepper passport- green smoothie recipe -naked treaties

    Forget all others, this is the only green smoothie you need.

    And it tastes a little like a cocktail (but with many more benefits).