• At the core, the benefits found in tea come down to the protective plant based chemicals contained called polyphenols.

Why we’re drinking HEAPS of this beverage and helping our health | Sponsored Post

Just four cups a day and you’ll be preventing some nasty diseases.

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We’re cooling down with iced tea this summer and not just because of the icy chilled goodness contained within. After water, tea is probably the most consumed beverage in the world, and not counting water, it’s also probably the healthiest.

The key to all the goodness and benefits found tea?

At the core, it comes down to the protective plant based chemicals is contains, called polyphenols, and these are found in the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant – the warm weather evergreen that produces all four types of non herbal tea – be it green, white, black or red.

Polyphenols are SUPER powerful antioxidants that help protect cells from the normal, but damaging physiological process known as “oxidative stress.” And while oxygen is vital to life, it becomes incorporated into free radicals – reactive substances that damage cells. However, polyphenols can stop the damage these free radicals do to cells, by neutralising the enzymes that help tumours grow and deactivating cancer promoters.

Both green and black tea fight cancer

Green tea contains catechins, a powerful group of polyphenols, one of which, epigallocatechin gallante (EGCG) is believed to be responsible for those anti cancer effects associated with green tea. And while the process that created black tea (fermentation) deactivates the EGCG, it produces theaflavins, found to have just as much antioxidant activity than the compounds in green tea.

How black tea helps guard against strokes and heart attack

A Netherlands study found that men who drank more than four cups of back tea a day had a significantly lower risk of stroke than those who drank only two cups a day. Similarly a study at Boston University’s School of Medicine, concluded that drinking black tea can help reverse the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that contribute to stroke or heart attack.

Black tea can (and will) lower your cholesterol

It lowers triglycerides – and when these are high so too is the risk of cardiovascular disease. Black tea loves to help your heart too with a 2004 study from the American Journal of Cardiology showing men who drank black tea experiences improved blood flow in the coronary arteries only a few hours after drinking.

Green tea is great for weight loss

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men who were given green tea burned more calories than those who were given a similar drink (sans green tea). And note, this took into the effect of caffeine.

Green tea will make that feel good Dopamine flow

Theanine is found in green tea – a substance that improves mood and increases feelings of relaxation. More so, theanine triggers the release of dopamine – one of the brain’s main chemicals linked to well being. It’s the brains chief regulator of reward and pleasure, helpful towards self soothing methods employed by many with depression.

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