• From the potato you use, to the temperature of the butter, making mashed potatoes perfectly is serious business (Image credit: Bon Appetit).

Don’t mess up your mashed potatoes

Think of these as the principles of making mashed potatoes. So read up, and be sure to keep in mind when next making yours. Proper lush mash awaits.

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They’re one of the best sides going around, but to serve a pile of airy and eerily white mash potatoes to your guests can best be described as sacrilege.

From the potatoes you use, to the water temperature, EVERY one of these mash potato tips is key. So follow them all, and you’ll be in excellent eating stead. Perfect mach potatoes await.


You know how you salt your water when cooking pasta? Well you need to do it for potatoes too. They absorb the liquid they’re cooked in, so pop a pinch in the water now, and you’ll decrease the amount you need to season with later.


While you blanch your greens in boiling water, this isn’t the case for potatoes. You need to bring them up to the boil in hot water, and continue cooking from there. If you add them to already boiling water, un even cooking and water logged potatoes is guaranteed.


You need a starchy potato, and not a waxy one. The starchy ones break down, and lend a creamier texture. Our pick? Dutch Creams. Be sure to have them peeled and cut to the same size for even cooking.


Butter and milk/cream are what really make a mash. But don’t add them in cold. They shock the potatoes, cool down the process and won’t let you mix and mash them in easily and evenly throughout.


Just like making muffins, you need to be gentle with your mix. DO NOT use a food processor or any other fast device to mash them – it overworks the starch in the potato, and gluggy, alien like mash results. Seriously.


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