The morning routine of Molten Store

She works late into the night creating and sourcing cool eclectics for her shoppers, so don’t be surprised to learn it’s a late rise for this young entrepreneur. One accompanied by copious cups of tea and coffee.

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Night owl and late riser Jessy Cameron is half of the team behind Molten Store. It’s fast amassed a cult like following and makes for one very cool and hotly visited online destination that doesn’t feel like an online shop, but rather a curated box full of your older cousin’s knick knacks from her journeys abroad.

I’m normally waking up between… one person’s morning jog and another one’s mid morning coffee.

I am… not a morning person, so prying out from under the covers is a slow crescendo.

Once I’m up I’m… on social media, within moments. I update Molten Store’s Instagram and Facebook profiles before I’ve even said my first words for the day.

Next I might… shower and lose myself in my wardrobe for a few minutes.

If I’m a exercise inclined I’ll… take a walk along the Brisbane River or through the rose gardens in New Farm Park. I refer to this as my soul time.

Then it’s on to breakfast which might be… Greek yogurt with fresh berries.

But really I’m a creature of habit so it’s often always… gluten free toast and a triple shot coffee, on the run!

I might try to change it up a little, and if so it’s… scrambled eggs at Harveys (James Street, Fortitude Valley). I notice my hair seems to grow faster when I add some eggs to my food repertoire so I should try to make this more of a regular thing.

I’m drinking… rose tea like it’s going out of style and I’ll probably have a cup or two throughout the morning.

But sometime’s I’ll also have… another coffee. Naughty.

On a weekend, if I have a little more time to make a dish… It’ll be a gluten free sweet potato gratin and the secret to getting it right is not ignoring the timer when it starts to shriek. Golden brown is wonderful, burnt not so much.

If I’m off for a breakfast meeting or catch up, we’ll go to… Pearl Cafe (28 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane) because it’s cozy, the staff are friendly, and the kitchen does elegant fare made simply.

By 10am I’m… at my office and thinking about all the orders that are yet to be packed. And it’ll be a good day if I’ve got my ‘game plan’ (my daily to-do list) organised and ticked off my list by this time. With so much to do in a day, I consider the act of getting organised an achievement in itself.

And the next big thing… After recently launching a newly revamped version of the store, a new product line – ‘The Dawn is Mine’, and some seriously cool collaborations, we’re not stopping. There’s always a product sourcing and production trip ahead…  It’s going to be an adventure like no other.


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