• "Food in three words is my soul’s passion. From the day I could speak, I was asking what we would have for dinner while eating breakfast."

  • Danielle is the chef and owner of the very cool milk and cookies bakery, Moo Milk Bar. It's a must visit in Toronoto too - although she's too modest to list it! (Image credit: supplied).

  • Danielle's peanut noodle bowl from her #bowllife series, because "meals in bowls are better." Agreed. (Image credit: Danielle Oron).

  • As the owner of a bakery, you know the biscuits and other sweet treats Danielle brings us will be beyond good (Image credit: Pepper Passport).

She won’t eat oysters, but everything else is fair game

We’ve got a kick arse new culinary contributor joining the PP team, and we are stoked. Introducing Danielle Oron from the super cool and crave inducing “I Will not Eat Oysters”. For not only does she pen and photograph a super slick blog – she’s the chef and owner of Toronto’s popular bakery, Moo Milk Bar – where milk and cookies reign. Rock on. Here’s the latest edition from the ‘tastesetter series.

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“Chef, owner of Moo Milk Bar in Toronto, photographer, and food blogger. I have an obsession with food. You won’t find a lot of little dainty food on I will not eat oysters. I love a good family style meal. My Israeli and Moroccan background definitely come through in my cooking along with the classic French techniques that I was taught at The French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center). I also think I was Korean in another life. You’ll see lots of influence from there as well. Eat well, invite friends over, feed the family, and enjoy food.

My diet is a balance of…

Carbs and greens. I try so hard to eat well. I manage to get lots of greens and fish in during the week. Then Thursday hits… pastas, breads, rice, sausages, tons of cheeses, pretzels, fennel crackers, Asian sesame peanut snacks, cereal, nutella, chips… the list goes on. And then once Monday hits, it’s back to spinach and salmon. I should just give up.

I approach cooking with…

Inspiration, feeling, and technique. My method is generally the same each time. Something inspires me. It can be a photo, recipe, plate, ingredient, or even a conversation with a friend. Then I go with my feelings.  Is this comforting? Exotic? Light? Coma inducing? Then I work on the technique. How should this be executed? When it comes down to actually cooking, it depends on the day. I go from being extremely neat  to having a bomb go off in the kitchen. That’s the creative mind for you.

My first kitchen encounter was…

I managed in my youth to convince my parents that I needed a TV in my bedroom. I was 13. I remember how excited I was that I would get to watch the Food Network without interruption. Late one Saturday afternoon, I was hooked on an episode of Iron Chef. Not the American version. The old school Japanese Iron Chef. Yutaka Ishinabe made a miso marinated filet mignon in a sous vide. Immediately after that episode, I had my mom drive me to the grocery store. Needless to say that my filet turned out to be a train wreck. But that is what kick started my interest in working in the kitchen.

At the end of a meal, and faced with the savoury vs. sweet conundrum, I’ll go with…

Both. If possible, I would order dessert and keep my meal on the side. I would eat some of the sweets then go back to the savoury. Then back to the sweets. Ultimate dessert in my book is a salty chocolate mousse with olive oil. Both. I want both.

When you’re at my/our table for a dinner party, we’ll be eating our way through

Way too much food. I make enough food for an army no matter what. I cook from seasonal ingredients. Depending on what is fresh at the market or grocery store that week is what we would be having. I enjoy a good buffet style dinner. I hate formal dining situations.

In three words, food to me is…

My soul’s passion. From the day I could speak, I was asking what we would have for dinner while eating breakfast.

The ultimate breakfast that sets me up for a day ahead is…

A (New York) bagel with fried egg, provolone cheese, tomato, lots of mayo, salt, and pepper. MMM!!! That keeps me full for hours.

I take my coffee…

As a doppio espresso or cold-brewed, almost black, and at least twice a day.

A flavour combination I’m into, but others find a bit odd (possibly disgusting) is…

Kimchi with a glass of milk. It almost always makes me sick afterwards. It’s wrong on so many levels. I love it.

If I could only eat five foods for the rest of life (for some hideous reason), I’d be going with…

Rye bread, eggs, feta cheese, radishes, and Sapporo. Beer is a food, right?

A cook book I often flick through is…

Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home, Ottolenghi’s Plenty, and Sean Brock’s Heritage. I can’t choose just one of those three.

Three food-focused sites I religiously check are…

Lady & Pups, My name is Yeh, and Food 52. They’re all great.


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