• So you don’t have to suffer, especially after a Barcelona night out – we’ve found the places that will give you the breakfast turned lunch you crave. (Image credit: Barcelona with Us).

  • So you don’t have to suffer, especially after a Barcelona night out – we’ve found the places that will give you the breakfast turned lunch you crave. (Image credit: Brunch and Cake).

The best places for brunching in Barcelona

Australians love to travel. Australians love brunch. But what happens when you travel to somewhere and they don’t share your affinity for that delicious mixture of two meals, a sleep-in and a good coffee? So you don’t have to suffer, especially after a Barcelona night out – we’ve found the places that will give you the breakfast turned lunch you crave.

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You’ve been out all night at Apollo or Razzmatazz and when you wake up at noon (or maybe 4pm) you’re craving a fry up. Unfortunately, many cafes in Barcelona aren’t entirely certain about how to put on a good breakfast. Spanish people don’t all share the Australian affinity for it, so you might find that an ‘English breakfast’ isn’t quite as hearty as you’d hoped. Whilst some people might be happy with a slice of bread and a café con leche, others of us want something a little more substantial.

The below are tried and tested places that will give you bang for your buck – and bacon too. If you’re looking for the best brunch in Barcelona, then you better to get to one of these spots quick smart.


This heavenly cafe’s walls are cream and adorned with signs that read ” in grandmas we trust”. My grandma never put potato chips on my sandwiches, but if she did I might have spent as much time at her place as I did at this cafe in my year in Barcelona.  The SuperSandwich turns rules of sauce on sandwiches on their head by having the sauce not just on the fillings, but all around them. The chicken and capsicum is in a slightly spicy mayonnaise that works perfectly with the long brioche bun. Oh and the waffles with lots of bacon (they aren’t kidding, there’s a heck of a lot of bacon) are divine. Ready to hop back on the wagon? You can get an entire bottle of Spanish cider (750 ml) for a little over 7 euros. No cocktails here though.

C/Enric d’Granados 19


Legend has it that Milk was the first brunch place in Barcelona and they offer all the classics- pancakes, eggs benedict, BLTs – if it’s a brunch staple they’ve got it. Portion sizes are large and they’ve plentiful sauces to add –including legit spicy sauce- something hard to find in chilli-shy Espana. Plus, if you’re looking for some hair of the dog, their cocktails are fantastic and the dim lighting will be kind to your head.  They don’t call it Recovery Brunch for nothin’.

C/ Gignàs, 21


Federal is an Australian cafe in Poble Sec on a street where cool new cafes sit alongside old fruit stores and the ubiquitous mobile phone accessories store. Although a bit steep at over 3 euros, if you’re desperate for a taste of home there’s vegemite toast, and spiders to boot. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting try their Shakshuka eggs – they are exceptionally good. Don’t forget to order a coffee – it’s some of the best Barcelona has to offer.

C/Parlament 39


Right near Brunch and Cake, Cosmo is a gallery/café that has a cool vibe all day around. Although the food isn’t the best Barcelona has to offer, Cosmo gets an honorable mention for the fantastic Chai Latte frappes and the fantastic art on all the walls. Drop by for a drink on your walk up to Gracia.

C/ Enric Granados, 3


If you can’t handle the lines at Brunch and Cake and you just want something quick on your way to the beach, head to la Boqueria. The famous market is on the Raval side of La Rambla and there you’ll find all types of juices for just 1 euro each. They’ve got drinks and food galore here, but you might be hard pressed to find a seat at any of the famous tapas bars inside.

La Rambla, 91


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