• Seriously what would one do without Gwyneth Paltrow or her carrot, ginger detox dressing come January?

Eat these foods and you’ll be fighting off the wrinkles

What you need to be eating to guard against those pesky wrinkly signs of time.

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We’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat” and that it’s possible to eat yourself healthy/sexy/fit (insert desired goal here), but can we eat against the inevitability of time? Can we consume certain foods and their properties with the intention of protecting our skin from free radical molecules those pesky elements that cause ageing?

In a word, yes. Sure, there are other factors to take into consideration too (e.g sun screen & lifestyle choices), but research shows we can utilise our diet to fight those fine lines that appear so silently on our faces, and then seem to get deeper, stubborn and more pronounced as the years tick over.

Read on for six wrinkle fighting and age-busting consumables and learn what’s within each that helps fight the wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

That their skin always look so smooth is a sure sign there’s something good going on inside. They’re loaded with Vitamin C, that assists in building collagen which makes your skin firm and plump. They’re also UV ray fighting owing to the lycopene within. The Mayo Clinic notes that correlation between a high intake of lypocene containing foods and a reduced incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin C levels aside, you better throw another handful in your breakfast bowl, because they’re loaded with Ellagic acid –  a powerful type of antioxidant phytochemical proven to alleviate skin wrinkles and inflammation, particularly when it comes from UV lights  (read the scientific study here).

This omega-3, protein, and calcium rich fish is proven to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. So much so, that Madonna (arguably queen of anti-aging) in 2009 embarked on a ‘Salmon Retox’ a program designed to shave 12 years off her appearance. Why so? Salmon, particularly when wild caught, contains carotenoids and astaxanthin, which contain important and incredibly strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Carotenoids are critical to the photosynthetic process and protect plants and organism from the damage of light and oxygen, while Astaxanthin, exhibits very strong free radical activity and protects your cells, organs and body tissues from oxidative damage. Interestingly, it’s what gives salmon the strength and endurance to swim up streams and waterfalls. They get their source from algae, that’s then passed on to us… you are what you eat.

Packed with fats that are good for the skin, but also gluthatione, which is pretty incredible for a number of reasons. It’s incredibly anti-ageing and helps not only guard against wrinkles but also acne. It also helps to flush toxins from the system, vital for a detox orientated eating plan.

Red Cabbage
‘The brighter the better’, with purple coloured foods regarded as the best source of antioxidants. What’s more, it’s anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins A,C and E, which helps to lower your cortisol levels. When cortisol levels increase, it causes the skin to break down faster, and wrinkles appear.

Green Tea
Yes, we know it’s not a food but be sure to have a cup everyday. Not only does green tea contain loads of antioxidant power, it also has the chemical Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). EGCG has demonstrated in many studies it helps cells grow properly, and seeing cell growth and regeneration is vital to youthful looking skin, you best drink up!

How do you fight the signs of ageing with food? Got any natural face mask recipes to share?

Image credits: All by Pepper Passport, excluding salmon c/o Bon Appetit, red cabbage c/o The Daily Green, bejewelled brocoli c/o Harper’s Bazaar


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